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Damaged!! Curly!! Oily!! Straight!! Colored!! Our conditioner suits all types of hair, it made scientifically to give you ultra protection against damage, to provide you with extra soft feel more than the shampoo, your hair will be shine all day, don’t worry about your colored hair it will be protected with us, that what science taught us. Have a lovely experience and tell us about it!!

Apply an appropriate amount on your wet hair from scalp to tip, leave it for 10-15min, wash your hair with water and enjoy your soft, shiny, protected and lovely hair.

**The amount you need depending on your hair length, the more length your hair the more you need. 

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Quality Ingredients


One of our favorite ingredient that will protect your colored hair and give you a lovely shine for a long day. 

Bees wax

This specialty ingredient had the ability to nourish your hair and give you a soft feel after use.


One of the fantastic and safe ingredients in our range it will give you the soft feel for your hair